Deanna Jensen, Founder and Designer behind Dear Summit Supply Co.


About the Artist

I'm Deanna Jensen, the founder, artist, and CEO (chief everything officer) here at Dear Summit Supply Co. I'm a mountain addict and a lover of roaming in wild places, and an artist of ink and watercolor. I absolutely love using my art to share my passion for the great outdoors, while creating adventure gear in a way that is kind to this Earth I hold dear.

I'm a Midwest girl who has landed in Atlanta, GA, with a deep love affair for tall mountains and old-growth forests, married to my favorite adventure buddy, and full-time mom to two of our own little intrepid adventurers. I passionately believe in the importance of spending time out in nature, and the amazing things it does for the body and the mind. I find endless inspiration in nature and can't stop sketching mountains and trees, and the wild things that inhabit them.

When I'm not working, I love hiking in wild places, painting and sketching, exploring the forest with my daughters, the occasional video game, and reading (most likely either historical fiction or nature-related).


Gear for Adventurers

The things I create for Dear Summit are the gear I was looking for, but couldn't find: ethically-made shirts, stickers, and other gear that show off your love of wild places and encourage you to get out there and pursue more adventures. These pieces are created with the utmost care and attention to detail - they're designed to last for years to come, through many adventures near and far.

Everything I do at Dear Summit - from sketching each new design, to printing each shirt by hand - is driven by the pursuit of meaningful adventures in the outdoors. Dear Summit is for mountain trails, campfire nights, and endless horizons. Everything I make is inspired by nature and kind to the Earth.



Because Dear Summit is founded upon a deep appreciation of the natural world, I take environmental and ethical responsibility very seriously in everything I do at Dear Summit. Everything (from the t-shirts and papers to the shipping envelopes) is sweatshop-free, sourced or made in the USA, and I use natural and recycled materials whenever possible.

I also believe strongly in giving back, which is why 10% of Dear Summit's profits support the National Parks Foundation in their mission to help protect wild places, connect people to nature, and inspire the next generation to get outdoors. You get great gear for your adventures, and you're supporting the amazing landscapes and programs in America's National Parks System at the same time! I call that a win-win.



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